deep (i) suite provides unparalleled threat intelligence and incident response through flexible Managed Security Services

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest economic challenges countries face in the twenty-first century. The Middle East is one of the most advanced regions when it comes to the speed of technology adoption and population growth. Organizations in the Middle East are more prone to cyber threats compared to the rest of the world.

Cyber threats are growing more hostile, security skills are in shortage and imperatives like mobility and cloud computing can pose additional business risks. These factors have led to a noticeable increase in cybersecurity investment to protect critical assets and sensitive information. However, not all investments have yielded the desirable results due to isolated initiatives and lack of centralized security services. As an alternative, establishing a strategic partnership with a competent Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) has been a well sough after solution for maintaining robust cybersecurity operations and building required capabilities.

Innovative Solutions can help address your complex cyber security challenges, through turnkey solutions, unparalleled threat intelligence and incident response and highly flexible Managed Security Services (MSS), namely deep (i), designed to get better return on investment while meeting the unique demands of your business.

The deep (i) suite offers the following services:

  • deep (i) – SOC Monitoring
  • deep (i) – Endpoint Protection
  • deep (i) – Incident Response
  • deep (i) – Web-App Security


deep (i) Endpoint Protection
Most scalable, flexible and durable application whitelisting service.

With deep (i) – Endpoint Protection service, organizations attain the ability of enhancing security controls and advancing defenses against malware and targeted attacks by preventing unknown and/or unwanted applications from executing in corporate environments.

The deep (i) – Endpoint Protection service offers extensive list of approved and certified applications with the ability for customization according to the organization’s needs. The service includes a unique combination of trust-based and policy driven application whitelisting techniques, real-time threat intelligence, continuously monitors and activity recording to ensure the timely prevention, detection and response to any threats and malicious outbreaks.

deep (i) – Endpoint Protection key benefits:

  • Defend environment from unwanted and malicious executables.
  • Centralized management of applications usage and policies.
  • Automated request approval system for new applications.
  • Monitor critical activity and enforce configurations to assess risk and maintain system integrity.

deep (i) Incident Response
Unparalleled visibility and immediate response capability.

deep (i) – Incident Response is a complete state-of-the-art managed incident response service that tracks all details of the activity occurring in any corporate environment with complete visibility using instant Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to provide real time monitoring, prompt response and proactive remediation.  deep (i) – IR service involves proactive threat hunting of malicious activities and is also bundled with advanced cyber threat intelligence to provide highly accurate and up-to-date insights into known-good, known-bad, and unverified software.

Unlike other IR services, deep(i) – IR goes beyond the signature based detections and delivers clear and accurate view of the cybersecurity state of endpoints and servers. In addition, deep (i) – IR involves data acquisition -by constantly recording and maintaining the relationships of every critical action on all machines- and events categorization such as executed binaries, registry modifications, file modifications, file executions, and network connections.

deep (i) – Incident Response key benefits

  • Unlimited data retention for investigating long and short term breaches.
  • Limit the scope of cyber-attacks and prevent adversaries from compromising the corporate environment through prompt, decisive and rapid incidence response.
  • Preserve forensic evidence for investigations, law enforcement and prosecution.
  • Critical activities are monitored for consistent risk assessment and maintaining system integrity.

deep (i)- SOC Monitoring
Visionary SOC monitoring and log management.

deep (i) – SOC Monitoring provides organizations with real-time analysis of security posture on an ongoing basis where information systems are continuously monitored, assessed and defended.

deep (i) – SOC Monitoring offers the capability of detecting organizational policy violations and takes in hand customized use-cases for security events according to business and operational requirements.  The service offers powerful real-time data correlation of events to accurately flag threats that violate internal rules within the environment.  Continuous

deep (i) – SOC Monitoring’s systematic integration with multiple threat exchange sources makes this service optimal for addressing cybersecurity challenges as it keeps the solution up-to-date with the latest known and unknown threats.

deep (i) – SOC Monitoring key benefits

  • Complete visibility and management of the logs generated by network and other devices.
  • In-depth logs analysis and correlation.
  • 24×7 monitoring of activities taking place in the environment.
  • Periodic vulnerability scanning of corporate devices.

deep (i) –Web Security
A modern solution for Web application continuous assurance.

deep (i) – Web Application Security is an in-house developed tool that provides continuous assurance for web applications by employing early detection of weaknesses prior to exploitation. deep (i) – WAS combines state-of-the-art vulnerability management tools and experienced cybersecurity consultants to generate zero false-positive reports that are validated and tested (penetration testing) by qualified cybersecurity consultants at regular intervals for flawless results.

In a conventional environment, an organization will have to purchase a vulnerability management tool for scanning web applications which will only produce an automated report. Obtaining useful information from these report is often time consuming as they usually contain numerous false-positive information which often requires a great deal of sanitization and cross-checking.

deep (i) – Web Application Security will enable organizations to concentrates efforts and investments on remediation activities whereas the experts tackle the creation of actionable intelligence.

deep (i) – Web Security key benefits

  • Continuous and consistent assurance of Web application security.
  • Comprehensive strategy and workflow for vulnerability management.
  • Validated reports by a qualified penetration testing team.
  • Flexible packages tailored to meet SAMA compliance requirements.

Features and

Enhanced Protection

Improved layer of defense for your environment with enhanced protection and proven results.

Simplified Management

A very simple interface driven application, with to the point modules for each feature to manage by administrators.

In-depth Whitelisting and Blacklisting

Deliver comprehensive control over the execution of applications in environment with detailed whitelisting and blacklisting of applications.


Maintain continuous compliance for key frameworks including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, and NERC.

Reporting and Dashboards

Provides accurate reports and informative dashboards for complete visibility into the status of environment.

Web Based Solution

Web based solution gives a user friendly interface for use and easy to understand the look and feel of service.

Automated Request Approvals

Ability to approve remotely users’ requests for allowing any blocked applications to run.


Deliver comprehensive control over the execution of applications in environment with ability to customize policies.

Features and

Complete Visibility

Widespread visibility of the activities on all devices and activities in your environment.


With complete access to all the activities, it is easy to detect any abnormal behavior in the environment.

Proactive Threat Hunting

Deep insight into the activities assists in proactive threat hunting and detect the threat before it becomes a problematic.

Real-Time Response

Our real time response service leverages the full breadth of our capabilities to help organizations respond and recover effectively from any malicious activity and malware outbreak.

Crisis Management

Our teams monitor your environment 24×7 and immediately respond to any crisis immediately before it gets out of hand.

24×7 Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence keeps us and our clients apprised of all the latest threats and attacks signatures which are blocked right away.

Unlimited Scale

Latest technology makes our solution completely scalable with no limits and can be scaled from small to large enterprises.

Process Execution Flow

Our solution completely records the execution of activities on machines by tracking each process and its calls to other processes.

Features and

Log Management

Improved layer of defense for your environment with enhanced protection and proven results.

Asset Discovery

Find all assets on your network before a bad actor does with active and passive network discovery.

Intrusion Detection

Detect & respond to threats faster with our built-in network IDS, host-based IDS & file integrity monitoring.

Behavioral Monitoring

Instantly spot suspicious network behavior with NET flow analysis, service monitoring & full packet capture.

Vulnerability Assessment

Maintain continuous compliance for key frameworks including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, and NERC

Intrusion Detection

Provides accurate reports and informative dashboards for complete visibility into the status of environment.


Quickly correlate & analyze security event data from across your network with built-in SIEM and log management.

Features and

Zero-False Positive Reports

The application reports are made with the help of powerful automated testing engines combined with security expert’s manual operations in order to eliminate the nonrealistic alerts.

Reports with Charts

The application reports are visually available in charts and graphs.

A Complete Yearly Plan

Subscribing to a yearly plan will be very cost effective where an organization can save their money and time on zero false positive reports.

Report with shreds of evidence

All verified vulnerability items contain a verified visual evidence, pen tester’s comment, resolution, threat, and impact.

High Vulnerability Scanner Accuracy

Provides accurate reports and analysis of the vulnerabilities identified maintaining the highest rate of detections completely eliminating false-positives.

Web based Configuration

The configuration system is available as a web based user dashboard. Adding a new website is simple and easy with an interactive dashboard.

Harmless Application Scan

Obtain in-depth review of the website ensuring no web application functionalities have been affected.

Always up to date engine

deep (i) knowledge basis are always up to date with new risk and vulnerabilities.

Security consultancy and assistance

Available on site Security Consultants and support at any time.

Implementation and managed services

A fully-serviced solution that does not require any additional implementation or Managed Services.

Scan password protected pages

deep (i) allows the automatic crawling and scanning of complex password protected areas.

Standards and Compliance

Our engines are completely based on OWASP.

Resolution on Vulnerability

Each report data will contain a solution how to resolve a vulnerability.

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