Infoshield an integrated E-learning management system that educates users about the growing risks of information security and provides them with security countermeasures to respond accordingly.

InfoShield is a comprehensive solution designed and developed to fulfill all requirements for cybersecurity awareness and training. It consists of a Learning Management System (LMS) developed by Innovative Solutions in response to the ever-increasing number and severity of attacks targeting and breaches caused by employees. The solution aims at structurally spreading essential knowledge about cybersecurity and associated risks in addition to providing extensive information and proper course of actions when targeted by cyber threats.

InfoShield Objectives:

  • Promoting security awareness and knowledge within an organization efficiently.
  • Educating employees about expected behavior and responsibilities for safeguarding information.
  • Increasing effectiveness of security awareness by providing interactive content.
  • Targeting different levels within an organization with a variety of security topics.
  • Minimizing human errors by disseminating best security practices.
  • Strengthening the human link in the information security chain at any organization.
  • Providing up-to-date security awareness modules that tackles most security risks.

Features and

Bilingual support

Full support for Arabic and English languages for user interface and security content

User Integration

Can be integrated with Active Directory to synchronize users or manual user import.

Standard and compliance

Compliant with PCI DSS and ISO 27001 standards.

Cloud or On-premises

Solution is available in both ways.


Co-branding with your company’s corporate identity.

Tracing and Report

Multiple reports with detailed Key performance Indicators is available for analysis.


Customizable features according to organization’s needs.

Scheduled Modules

Modules can be scheduled based on organization’s orientation.

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