Enhanced security against fraud with One Time Password via SMS to authorize or access to sensitive corporate data.

mPass Factor can provide guarantees against the risk of attack from malicious soft¬ware or phishing attacks.
mPass is a Multi-factor authentication for effective protection from cybersecurity breaches

mPass enhances the level of trust between the end users and enterprise applications by enabling Strong
authentication between the entities.

In today’s increased mobile users, traditional user login method of simple username and password is not secure enough anymore and pose high risk to corporate data in the enterprises. Two factor authentication reduces such risk by introducing the dynamic password generated using industry standard OATH (Open Authentication) event-based or time based algorithms.

mPass can be used in different field to create a fraud free business such as government portals, banks and financial sectors, and public or private organizations.

Features and

Web based Configuration

The configuration system is available as a web based user dashboard.

User Portal

Secure User Portal for self-management of tokens

SMS Token on Mobile

With the integration of any SMS gateway a secure SMS OTP token can be deliver on the phone based on OAuth

Soft Token on Mobile

For soft token mPass Mobile App is available in following platforms (Android, Windows and IOS platforms).

Administrator in Control

Administrator defined time release and length of session

Always update

Delivers robust support to current and evolving authentication needs.

Auto Account Status

Automatic enabling and disabling of user accounts.

Standards and Compliant

OATH compliant OTP Generation (HOTP, TOTP).

How it works?

Each time a customer wants to access to a system’s sensitive data, mPass generates a one time password and sends it to the customer mobile phone where the customer should enter it on a keyboard to access the system.


Login with the user credentials

Receive OTP SMS

Enter verification code (OTP)

Login successfully.
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