LinQ2 is a robust SMS/MMS based messaging gateway application which provides mobile secure notification features to your intranet, extranet or Internet solutions.

It can be used to extend your business to mobile environment and to provide new mobile services to your customers, partners, and employees. LinQ2 acts as middleware between the SMS/MMS enabled applications and the operator SMS center (SMSC). LinQ2 supports four types of notifications and they are SMS, MMS, Fax and Email.

LinQ2 provides industries with an effective channels to communicate with employees and customers. LinQ2 smoothly optimizes all the channels of communication to provide simple automation of critical business applications. LinQ2 enables to send and receive pre-defined or bulk textual short messages. LinQ2 can be used in different industries like government organizations with e-services, banks and financial sector, hospitals and clinics, hotel and restaurants, travel and consumer Services, data center and IT support services.

LinQ2 provides monitor service to simplify monitor the status of the messages and services and view some statistics related to the messages. Also, LinQ2 presents different reports of the system activates to keep track of the changes in the LinQ2 system.

LinQ2 is integrated with several channels that provide capabilities to send messages through different channels as database, file, queue, email, Http, TCP.

Features and

Web based Configuration

The configuration system is available
as a web based user dashboard.

Language Supports

it also supports Non-ASCII languages like Arabic and Chinese.

Multi User delivery

Text messages are delivered almost instantaneously and can be configured to be delivered.

Two way communication

Supports sending and receiving SMS/MMS using push and pull features of the gateway.

Flexible Integration

Hassle-free 2-way Integration with website, ERP, CRM and any kind of Application.

Tracing and Report

Receipt confirmation is supported and stored for tracing reports.

User Groups

Pre-defined user groups for SMS/MMS.

Scheduled Notifications

Provide scheduled automatic notification based on time and date.

Example of

  • Enable communication between office
    based and mobile workers.
  • Inform the organization employees about
    important events and matters instantly.
  • Send automatic notification about
  • Get questions and notices of defects
    from customers.
  • Promotions and
  • Answering of customer requests
    through SMS.
  • Send textual and/or visual instructions
    to mobile workers.
  • Receive instant responses from
  • Reminders to employees about meetings,
    updates, changes and more.
  • Send news, advertisements to
  • Notification of changes in orders
    to customer.
  • Remind customers of
    bill payments.
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